Pharma-Biotech Program

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For five years, Farmaindustria is promoting research cooperation models in the belief that collaboration and synergy between the diferents public and private agents is essential to meet the challenges of current biopharmaceutical research. In this sense and as one of the activities developed by the Spanish Technological Platform on Innovative Medicines, whose has covered many cooperation initiatives, from basic and preclinical research to clinical trials, Farmaindustria will launch a pilot program to facilitate collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the Spanish biotechnology sector. On July 8, 2010 was presented in Barcelona The Report about the financing of startups in the field of biomedicine, 95% of bio- business participants in the study expressed interest in developing this cooperation.

Farmaindustria arises carry out an initiative to help develop biotechnology companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector in Spain, exploiting synergies with the pharmaceutical industry and highlighting the differential and complementary character that Farmaindustria can contribute. This is to:

  • Contribute to generate changes in the production model that Spain needs, promoting the development of knowledge-intensive sectors.
  • Generate a greater level of cooperation between new biotechnology firms and established pharmaceutical companies to make both more competitive in a global environment.
  • Create synergies with other R & D programs(IMI, CENIT, autonomous programs).
  • Contribute to create a vibrant and positive environment to make Spain a vanguard country in biomedical research, especially in the development of new drugs and therapies to benefit patients.

The initiative does not replace or compete with other public or private programs to support R & D in biotechnology in health. On the contrary, the aim is to collaborate with all stakeholders, providing those elements that can be differential from Farmaindustria and are relating to:

  • The ability to engage the cooperation from the pharmaceutical companies, both domestic and international capital, bringing together those responsible for scouting and strategic alliances.
  • The focus of the actions on the R & D of drugs, where pharmaceutical companies can make the most of expertise.
  • The financial ability of pharmaceutical companies to invest directly in biotech companies to enter into partnership.
  • The permanent link, and increasingly narrow, with activities and international R & D program, especially the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).
  • Farmaindustria experience in regulatory affairs in the entire drug life cycle.
  • The ability to interact with the public health system, which is increasingly the source of opportunities for spin-offs.

In any case, we should not forget:

  • The variety of biotech companies, with differences in strategy, economic capacity and level of excellence.
  • Individual interests of pharmaceutical companies, which develop specific strategies for collaboration with biotechs.

In mid-February 2011 have begun a series of meetings in which a small group of biotech companies present their technological results of their findings to interested pharmaceutical companies, in a direct format, fast and very focused on business development framework.

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