VII Marco Programme - Health and IMI


Tue, 05/27/2008


Horizontal aspects
Intellectual, Ethical and gender Property Rights

  • Workshop Programme

Informative workshop about horizontal aspects to be taken into account in the next announcements in the context of Chapter 1:  Health  of the Marco Programme (common announcements and JTI Innovator Medicines, IMI), in which the following subjects will be treated:

- Advance about the 3rd healthy announcement (publication July '08) and reminder of the 1st IMI announcement (publication April 30 '08)

- Intellectual property rights (IPRs) special emphasis in the differences and aspects to be taken into account in the IMI announcement regarding the usual announcements.

- Ethics - the ethical reviews, new ethical auditing

- Gender - gender aspects in the proposals, health and woman research.

There will be a possibility to review bilaterally ideas of proposals, prior to request on the registration bulletin (it could be extended to the afternoon).

You can find the agenda on the attached document and a map where it will take place on the following link:

Registration will soon be possible on the CDTI website ( " agenda CDTI).





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