Pre-clinical Screening

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The present document is the first edition of what pretends to be the Guide of Early Discovery of Medicines Centers in Spain. The current version has been made with the colaboration of 18 Screening Platforms and 3 compound libraries inside the programmed activities of the Spanish Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines.

The objective of the Spanish Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines is to support the scientific/technologic research of the different Pharmaceutical Sector R&D agents.

Within the concrete objectives that this Guide pretends to cover is to be used as an estimulus for the medicines preclinical research in Spain as well as to be a working tool for FARMAINDUSTRIA associates.

This Guide of Early Discovery of Medicines Centers was published at the end of 2009 and is pretended to be distributed between all parties interested and relevant in the medicines research field.

The information contained in this Guide was collected through a questionnaire answered by the 18 Screening Platforms and 3 Compound Libraries from January to October of 2009.

This Guide was presented in the meeting Public-Private Collaboraction to discover medicines in Spain. November 19 in Santiago de Compostela

The guide is organized in two sections. In the first a global vision of the Screening and Compound Libraries Platforms contained in the Guide is given. In the second it is presented in detail the characteristics and features of each Screening and Compound Library Platform.

Guide of Preclinic Screening and Compound Libraries Centers

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