Innovative Medicines Initiative

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R&D in new medicinal products is a very costly process, and failure rates are high. Therefore, initiatives are needed to reduce negative results during the development phases that, if they are carried out successfully, will reduce research costs. The strategy of the European Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines (IMI) is designed to revitalise biomedical research in Europe to obtain safer, more effective medicines in shorter lengths of time.

Identifying the obstacles during the pre-competitive phase of the biomedical R&D process has already been developed and the specific recommendations for tackling these obstacles have been presented to the Strategic Research Agenda.


The Council of the European Union adopts IMI, on 20th  december 2007. IMI is a broad consortium, lead by the pharmaceutical industry through the European Federation (EFPIA), which groups all of the stake holders involved in the process of developing medicinal products; that is: industry, academia, clinical researchers, regulators, healthcare managers and patient associations.
With a total budget of euro 2 billion, IMI will fund pan-European public-private partnership in biomedical research. The objective of IMI is to speed up the discovery and development of better medicines for patients. In doing so, IMI will atract pharmaceutical investment in Europe.



The first IMI call was launched on April 30 2008, and finally there were 15 elected topics that have received financing for the following areas:  security, efficiency and education and training.  The Spanish participation has been very positive, in more than 7 consortiums, in SME’s and pharmaceutical of the national capital companies (members of EFPIA) of public institutions, Almirall and Esteve.  On the other hand, one of the winning consortiums, eTOx project, which objective is develop strategies and innovative methodologies and new computer programs to improve the profile of toxicology profiles prediction of molecules that could become new medicines , it is coordinated from Spain.  In fact, last January 18 2010 the project launching meeting took place in Barcelona, in which 11 international pharmaceutical companies participated, 5 SME’s and 8 academic groups.  Other two pharmaceutical companies have requested its incorporation to the project.  The SME’s and academic groups have the habit of biocomputers and biocompute.  The Spanish participation is very notable, because it includes a pharmaceutical company (Esteve), two SME’s (Lead Molecular Design and Chemotargets) and two academic institutions (Oncology Research National Investigation Center and IMIM Foundation which is shared with Novartis), its total budget for 5 years is of 13 million euro.  To consult relevant information of the given projects, you can consult in the following document:



A second information dissemination event was held on 27 November 2009.  The aim of this new information dissemination event is to speed up the discovery and development of new medicines to cure illnesses tsuch as cancer and illnesses hat cause inflamation or infections.  The period to apply will end on 8 February 2010.



All the documents about the participation rules, rights of industrial property, etc. are available here:

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