Education and Training

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Current Situation and Objectives

Taking into account the gaps that exist in both formal and informal training, the area of education and training aims to provide adequate support to the future pharmaceutical R&D activities. The deficiencies and bottlenecks that have been identified must be tackled not only with new technologies and new paradigms for evaluating efficacy and safety, but also by medical practice. Naturally, this also leads to having to overcome problems in the area of education and training, such as:

  • The excessive compartmentalisation of scientific areas, encouraged by the current university organisation.
  • The scarce or practically null interaction between basic and clinical scientists. This is where translational research and training must act as a bridge between the bench and the bedside.
  • The professionals who practice pharmaceutical medicine must receive appropriate training to maintain a broad base of expertise that allows them to play this key role in translational  medicine.
  • There is a great need for expert scientists in safety beyond the classical training in toxicology, integrating the knowledge from all of the disciplines required for modern evaluation and risk management.
  • The scarce and unidirectional interaction among academic, hospital industry and regulating authority scientists must be overcome.

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