Origin and Objectives

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The national platforms are a useful reinforcement tool and a mutual complement to the European platforms, and the make it possible to focus efforts towards a more committed, planned and structured scenario of innovation in medicinal products. In order to achieve that, it must be made available to all interested agents, while at the same time offering a participative and organised set-up.

In keeping with this premise, on 6 July 2005, the kick-off was held for the Spanish Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines at a meeting in Barcelona.


The biopharmaceutical field is characterised by its focus on science and innovation, and it is, therefore, essential to revitalise the area of biopharmaceutical research and development to make Spain more competitive. Improving the framework within which biomedical R&D operates would contribute to the well-being of patients and society, increasing effectiveness in the discovery and development of new medicinal products.

The Spanish platform is designed on the same areas as the European platform (effectiveness, safety, knowledge management and education and training), although it has its own unique aspects due to the state of clinical research at the national level.

The objectives of the Spanish platform are:

1. To group and structure Spanish efforts to promote R&D on medicinal products by:

  • Stimulating co-operation among participating agents for the development of pre-competitive research projects.
  •  Co-ordinating activities with public plans and programmes to promote R&D.

2. To identify the pre-competitive barriers that hinder the development of new medicinal products in which all agents can collaborate.

3. To facilitate the transfer and use of knowledge and technology.

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